Gotz Dolls: Highest in Quality and Fun


“Can I take my baby in the bath?”

My little girl always wants to take her dolls in the tub with her.  She wants to take her dolls everywhere with her from the tub to the pool to her make believe hair salon.  Water presents all sorts of adventure for preschoolers.  Normally, I am hesitate to allow dolls to get wet or be subject hair torture from my child.  Durability is a key feature in any child’s toy.  A loved toy becomes a child’s best friend and best friend’s go everywhere together.  My child is very happy with her new best friend who is just as happy taking a bath as she is with getting her hair done.  Thank you, Gotz.

My little girl’s new best friend is Maxy Aquini.  Maxy is a 16.5 inch, brunette doll that comes with a trendy outfit, a towel, and her own frog bath toy.  Maxy Aquini is unique, and like all Gotz dolls, high in quality and durability.  I cringed at the thought of Maxy getting in the tub, dragged through sprinkler, and having her cute pony tails taken out and hair brushed with the soft touch of a grizzly bear.  My child loves her dolls but she isn’t always graceful in her execution of showing love.  Maxy Aquini is so adorable and her hair so beautiful, I feared the worst.  My fears were unfounded.  If she gets dirty a spot treatment will work but she can also be thrown in the washer if first placed in a pillowcase.  Just wash on delicate in cold water and allow her dry face down.  The Aquini dolls are have soft vinyl bodies that are perfect for water play.  Best of all, the hair is high quality withstanding washing, brushing, combing, braiding, blow drying (on low), and even the use of a curling iron (on low).

If this doll still looks brand new after the loving of my preschooler, rest assured, she will withstand anything.  Welcome your new child’s best friend home with a doll from the Gotz line.

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