4 Reasons to Helicopter Parent Your Pet

Your child will grow out of certain stages. Your pet, however, will need you to always watch them very closely. Helicopter parent your pet for safety.It has been said that helicopter parenting might not be the most ideal parenting style. Kids need some room to make mistakes and learn from them. That being said, there are a lot of great reasons why you should helicopter parent your pet.

Reasons Why You Should Helicopter Parent Your Pets

Pets Don’t “Grow Out of It”
Babies and toddlers go through a stage where they put everything they can grab into their mouths. They will grow out of this stage eventually. Pets, however, will always have a tendency to try and eat things that may or may not be food.

Pay close attention to what your pet is investigating. Some people food is harmful to pets. Houseplants, when eaten, can make pets sick. We’ve all heard the stories about dogs who have eaten socks and needed to be taken to the vet. Helicopter parenting your pet could prevent him from eating something that he shouldn’t.

Pets Hide Injuries and Illness
Birds have a tendency to hide their injuries and illness from their owners. Make sure to helicopter parent your cockatiel, parakeet, or parrot to be certain that she is eating. In general, birds that spend a lot of time on the bottom of the cage could be doing so because they don’t feel well. Check for bumps and scratches while you are handling or bathing your bird.

Cats and dogs might not be able to tell their owners that they are sick or hurt. Pay attention to changes in behavior, limping, or a lack of interest in food. Pet owners should call a vet at the first sign that something is wrong with their pet.

Pets Don’t Understand Holidays
Christmas decorations can be very attractive to pets. Cats might try to climb the Christmas tree. Dogs and cats could think an ornament is a toy for them to chew on. Holiday treats that contain chocolate can be extremely harmful to pets that eat it. Helicopter parent your pet by staying in the room with them and watching how they interact with decorations. Or, close off that room when you can’t be there to watch over your pet.

It is also a good idea to helicopter parent your pet and check for signs of stress. New sounds, smells, and people can be overwhelming. So can the sound of fireworks on the 4th of July or New Years Eve.

Pets Don’t Always Play Nice
Introducing a new pet into a home with existing pets can be difficult. Not all pets are willing to immediately play nice with others. Helicopter parent your pets while they are being introduced and getting to know each other. You might be able to prevent a fight from breaking out!

Image by Paul Reynolds on Flickr.

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