Green Living and Eating

Maybe it’s just me, but I had never associated my eating habits with going green. However, a recent article I read suggested that by eating less we are consuming fewer resources. The world is all about consumption, and if we want to cut that down, then eating less would make sense.

I also thought about the trips my family has made over the years to fast food restaurants. We have consumed a lot of McDonalds. Not only that, but if I were to calculate the amount of emissions that have been produced due to those trips I would probably be a bit shocked.

When my children were young we would visit McDonalds and other fast food restaurants frequently. Part of the reason was convenience. I was not big on cooking and so it was easier to have someone else do it for me. As they got older it got to a point where I would find myself driving to more than one fast food restaurant in order to get everyone what they wanted. I guess that was probably going a bit far.

I can now happily say that since my children have gotten older (tweens and teens) our trips are maybe once-a-month to get take-out. We are definitely consuming less and making fewer trips in our vehicle. I guess that really is a way of living greener.

Pollution and greenhouse emissions would definitely be reduced with a vegetarian diet. Reducing meat consumption sounds great, but I know my family. They will never become vegetarians. However, we can still strive to put more vegetables and organic products into our diets.

I was also thinking how in the warmer months if we would forego driving the van and switch to bicycles we might be more apt to get something healthier to eat. After all, what sense does it make to bike a mile and then stuff your face with a Quarter Pounder? Not much.

I think the point is that I am discovering how going green and having healthier eating habits go hand-in-hand. Now if I can just convince my children.

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