*Half* a Cow…and Save Money

Stop having a cow about your grocery bills each month…and *half* a cow instead! (Sorry..I couldn’t resist.)

One of my husband’s coworkers approached him with an idea last year. “Why don’t we contact a local rancher and buy a cow.” “Our families can split it and we will both save money”.

It was a great idea and the timing couldn’t have been better. We’d just received our tax return and figured that filling our freezer would be a great way to spend the money.

All together, our half cost us a little over $300 and we had nearly a years’ worth of ground beef, steaks and roasts. While it cost us quite a bit up front, I noticed a tremendous difference in our weekly shopping bills. Imagine being able to skip the meat aisle all-together. It saved me a considerable amount of time too.

This year, we decided to do it again and we contacted two more families and split a cow, and a pig into 1/4ths. This time we spent about $500 and have a freezer plump full of ham, bacon, sausage, ground beef, roasts, steaks and ribs.

Frankly, this has been one of the best frugal decisions we’ve made as a family. I don’t have to clip coupons anymore or wait around for sales. I also feel good about supporting local ranchers.

We got a great deal (about $1.99 per pound for everything (including roasts and t-bones) and I simply have to walk 15 steps to my garage freezer to decide what we are having for dinner.

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