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Halloween Costumes for Cats

Last year I wrote about Halloween costumes for dogs, Halloween food goodies for pets, and Halloween toys for pets, which included a tub full of toys for cats, but I didn’t specifically cover Halloween products for cats. So this year I thought I’d shake it up and write about Halloween costumes for cats.

Halloween costumes for cats? Really?

Unless my two were sedated (heavily I might add) there’s no way they’d let me dress them up. Especially not in most of the costumes I’ve seen which all seem to include head gear as part of the getup.

But if your cats would let you put hats on their heads, maybe some of the costumes I’ve listed below would suit your cat’s Halloween costume needs. They’re in no particular order, and include pricing and the store name where you can find them.

  1. Whisker City Cat Jester costume. Tabby would actually look pretty cute in this. She is quite the jester/joker after all. And her mama has a costume similar to it so we could dress as twins! (Petsmart) A bargain at $6.99.
  2. Rooster Hat for Cats. (Doctors Foster and Smith) $5.99
  3. SpoiledRottenKitties.com Cat Costumes. The name of this site cracked me up, so I had to check out their offerings. It was the most expensive of the costumes I came across, but they looked like good quality. Of the four they had for sale, I’d only buy the Lil’ Angel Cat Costume ($12.95 –and only for Tabby). Because to put Mr. Meow or Tab in the others (the Kitty Royale Costume for $19.95, or the King or Queen Cat Costumes, both $26.95) would make their egos insufferable!
  4. Cat from Hell Halloween Costume. Finally! One fitting enough for Mr. Meow! But he’d never go for wearing the horns. Might interfere with his real ones! (Kitty City) $13.99.
  5. Bat Cat Halloween Costume. (Kitty City) $13.99.
  6. Cat Necktie. (Kitty City) Available in three different colors: Rainbow striped, red, or tartan. $7.99 each.
  7. Cat Sailor Costume. Tab would look absolutely adorable in this, and she just might let me put it on her because it ties around her neck cape-style rather than going on her head. (Kitty City) $13.99

Pictures of Cats in Costumes

i-pets.com, an Internet pet supplies store, offers suggestions for homemade cat costumes. They also have a page with photos of cats in Halloween garb from Halloween’s past. (2006, 2007, and a couple of photos already posted for 2008.) To check the photos out, click here.

Question to Readers

Have you ever tried dressing up your cat?

Courtney Mroch writes about animals great and small in Pets and the harmony and strife that encompasses married life in Marriage. For a full listing of her articles click here.

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