Halloween Tricks and Treats for Pets: Food Goodies

Are you the kind to take your dog out trick or treating with the family? Wayne and I would, but since we don’t have kids, we don’t go. We do hand out treats though –to both kids and animals alike.

Over the last few years I’ve seen a marked increase in the number of pets making the rounds with their kin. I love to make sure they get a little something too, so I always have something on hand. Mostly just regular dog treats, like Scooby Snacks, but this year I’ve found a few Halloween-themed pet goodies I might have to break down and try.


• Purina “Tails of Terror” and “Snack-o-Lantern” Treats: I don’t have a link for these, but these are made for Halloween with trick-or-treating pooches in mind. A box contains six fun size pouches of Beggin’ Wraps and Tiny T Bonz.

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Halloween Treats –Canine Party Platter or Basket of Dog Cookies: Pop these ghosts, bone-shaped, and leaf-shaped nummies into a pup’s goody bag and watch their tail wag! (Or maybe right into their mouth. I know Murph wouldn’t wait until we got home before he’d want a sample.) Party Platter is one pound and costs $9.99; Basket of Dog Cookies is two pounds and costs $19.99.

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Halloween Edible Cards: Some people like to send Halloween greeting cards. These just happen to be munchible too. Cute sayings like “Trick or Treat,” “Spooky Greetings,” and “I Vant to Bite You” are printed in non-toxic edible ink on natural rawhide. They come with an envelope so you can really mail them. $4.99 each.

Halloween Pumpkin Pie Bark Bars: Cat and mailman-shaped pumpkin-flavored cookies. (These sound good enough I’d like to try them!) $4.99 for a 12 ounce box.


Pumpkin Lollipops -12 Piece Party Box: “Pumpkin pop” is made of chipped rawhide and sits atop a piece of rolled rawhide. A chewer’s delight! $23.99 for the box of 12.

Witch’s Cauldron with 60 Mini Treats: The black plastic cauldrons are filled with bone-shaped organic peanut butter treats. Reuse the cauldrons for Halloweens to come. $5.99.

Yummy Mummy Cupcake: These are for special pups only. Peanut butter-flavored cupcakes with mummy face frosting. $4.79 each. (That’s why I say it’s for special pups only. I couldn’t afford to buy one for every trick or treating dog that came by!)

Candy Corn Cookies: These are for little dogs. They look just like the real candy! $3.99 for 16 cookies.

• Other Cookies – Ghost, Witch, Mini Bats, Indian Corn, Apple, Mini Acorns: Clever seasonal canine confections that’s sure to tempt any pup’s palate. Prices range from $.90 to $1.99. Some are just for one cookie, some come as a pair, and some (like the minis) are sold as a set of four.

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