Hang in there, Mom

Things aren’t always flowers, rainbows, and butterflies when it comes to being a mom.  During those times of weeds, rain, and creepy crawlers, we may even be tempted to slap Miss Loving Mom across her smiling face.  Where does she get off telling me to enjoy every moment?  She can come over and enjoy every moment of a tantrum if she wishes.  I am heading for the nearest coffee shop to regain my sanity.

Let’s be real for a moment.  Motherhood is messy.  During those messy times we may not relate to the beauty but the beauty is still there.  Yes, even days like the one I had.  Ready for a laugh?

As I recall it went like this;   I dropped a snap circuit set and it continued to fall down the basement stairs. I then proceeded to pick up my daughter from school wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe. I went to a robotics team meeting for parents and got the giggles when the girl said, “students need to act like their grandma is there all the time” in an attempt to illustrate how respectful and kind they should be. They don’t know my mom…so I laughed. Then I took my two younger girls to their YMCA classes only to find out the classes ended the week before.

You know what gets me through?  My 15 year old daughter.  No, it isn’t because she takes over and does all the work, which she is able.  No, it isn’t because she can babysit, which she does from  time to time.  It is because when I look at her I almost forget she was ever my little 4 year old girl.  I look at my four year old daughter and realize that one day I will miss her pouty face and nonstop chatting.  I only have to look to her older sister to see how fast the time goes.  It feels like a lifetime ago that my teenage daughter first learned Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The reality is enough to bring me to tears.  So I know it is cliche and I know you may not want to hear it…but enjoy…it goes by too fast.  The words, “the days are long but the years are short” echo in my mind.