Have Fun this Summer

Flip Flop

I never put together a summer bucket list.  I saw blogs filled with printables and ideas for a bucket list and just pushed the idea aside.  I quietly envied those with the freedom for a bucket list but figured I would never have the time.  It was summer and that meant it was my time to get some projects completed and work on building up my graphic design business again.  My business partner and I have a list a mile long of how we will run our business and what services we would offer.  Most of June has consisted of me driving my kids to activities and working on a computer or tablet.  I have to say that I love to work so time spent working does not  bother me.  But then I noticed something….

I noticed that July 1st was right around the corner.  I kept thinking through the month of June that I would devote one day, one weekend, or perhaps a week to being mom.  I wanted to be unplugged and ready for a good time of walking to the park, getting ice cream, and perhaps taking in a summer movie.  While, I have done some of those things, for the most part I have been working.  Working on its own is not the problem.  The problem was that I decided to take on extra projects while my kids were spending a summer indoors.  I love to be outside but I had no time for it.  Once I realized that June was over I decided July would not pass me by.  July would not slip through my fingers while I worked so hard my house gets turned upside down and kids end up watching TV because they are bored.

Are you in the same boat as me?  Have you worked so hard that time is slipping by?  You do not need to give up work.  You need to focus, regroup, and manage your time so your kids do not resent your work but respect it.