Have You Tried Target’s Cartwheel?

Target SignDoes your family shop at Target? If so, then you probably are aware of the online coupons and the ones in the weekly ad. Maybe you have the Target REDCard. Now, Target has started something new that is designed to help you save money. It is called Cartwheel. Have you tried it yet?

Cartwheel is a new system that Target has created that will allow people to find great deals at Target and to share them with friends. Just browse through Target’s My Cartwheel website. You can add the deal that caught your attention to “My Cartwheel”, and make a list. Share that deal by posting it onto your Facebook page.

Cartwheel creates a personalized bar code that only you can use. That bar code will connect to all of the Target deals and savings that you collected. When you are ready to checkout at the Target store, show the cashier your smartphone (and your special bar code).

Yes, this does mean that you must have a Facebook account in order to use Cartwheel. If you don’t have a Facebook account, and do not want to make one, you are out of luck. Target is only interested in offering the deals in Cartwheel to Facebook users. Target wants you to share the deals you find through Cartwheel with your Facebook friends.

You do get a little bit of control over exactly what Cartwheel shares on your Facebook page. If you do not want to spam up your non-frugal friends with activity from Cartwheel, you can select a setting called “Only Me”. What you share will go to your Facebook page (but only you will be able to see it). If you select “Public” it means that everyone will see your Cartwheel posts. There is also the option for you to create a customized group of Facebook friends who will see your Cartwheel activity.

So, basically, you allow Cartwheel to connect to your Facebook account. Next, you browse through the current Target offers that are only accessible to those who use Cartwheel. Put the ones you like on a list. When you shop at Target, you can redeem all of the offers that are on the list you created.

When you start, the maximum number of Cartwheel offers you can put on a list is 10. Keep using Cartwheel, and you can “unlock” additional spots for more savings. It also looks like there is a way to earn badges. Personally, I won’t be using Cartwheel because I do not have, and do not want to have, a Facebook account. Those of you who have one might find Cartwheel to be useful.

Image by Mr T. in DC on Flickr