Hand Sanitizer Can Be Dangerous for Preschoolers

It has become quite common for hand sanitizers to be used by both adults and children. People carry them in purses and bags. Schools often require a small bottle of hand sanitizer as part of the list of school supplies a child must bring to school. However, there is a potential danger that involves hand sanitizers and young children that parents need to be aware of. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that washing hands with soap and water is the best way to reduce the number of microbes on them in most situations. They only suggest … Continue reading

Study: Milk Consumption Associated With Bone Fractures

A study found that milk doesn’t do the body as good as you may have been led to believe. This doesn’t mean you should stop consuming milk. It means you should be aware of current findings about milk, health, and nutrition. A study called “Milk and Mortality” was published in the British Medical Journal in October of 2014. It used data from two large, long-term Swedish studies of adult men and women. The people in the study were asked about how much and what kinds of milk and dairy products they consumed. The study was led by Uppsala University professor … Continue reading

5 Quick Activities for Self Care

Many parents are looking forward to the start of a new school year. Keep in mind that back-to-school comes with hectic mornings, help with homework, and the enforcement of a bedtime routine (that may have lapsed over the summer). It is important for parents to take a little time for self care while the kids are at school. Here are a few simple ideas to start with. The Living Self-Care website says that moms and dads that take care of themselves first will have more to offer to their children (and to the rest of the world). Self-care doesn’t have … Continue reading

Unvaccinated Children May be Suspended from School

There is something new that parents may want to consider as they prepare their child for the upcoming school year. Some schools are suspending children who are unvaccinated. The purpose is to stop the spread of preventable childhood diseases. Parents who live in states that allow exemptions for vaccines can still make that choice. However, they should be aware that the exemption will not override the school’s right to protect students from the spread of diseases that can be prevented by vaccinations. Vaccines prevent diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) point out that some diseases, like polio … Continue reading

Things You Should Do For Yourself Right Now

Are you someone who makes an effort to help, comfort, and pamper your loved ones? It has been said that many people take much better care of their friends and family than they do of themselves. Typically, there are more women than men that have this tendency, but it does include both genders. Now is the time to start taking good care of yourself, too! Here are some things you can start with right this minute. LifeBuzz posted an article that contained 30 things that everyone should start doing for themselves. You can view it as a guide to better … Continue reading

Habits of Happy People Could Make You Happier

Have you got a case of the blues? Are you feeling frustrated and upset by stories in the news? Try adopting some of the habits of happy people. Doing so could make you feel more connected to your life, give you a sense of purpose, and make your overall outlook a happier one. An article at MindBodyGreen points out seven of the habits that are practiced by the happiest people. You might not be doing them. That isn’t really your fault, though, because few people talk about how they manage to stay so happy all the time. The main idea … Continue reading

CDC: “Make Sure Your Child is Fully Immunized”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that cases of measles are on the rise in the United States. A Washington Post article that was published on April 24, 2014, points out that (at the time of publishing) 129 people, in 13 states, across the United States, had been infected with measles in the first four months of 2014. The CDC says this is the biggest measles outbreak in the United States since 1996. The CDC website points out that measles is a highly contagious disease, and that it can be very serious for young children. The … Continue reading

Ear Infections? New Guidelines May Make It Harder for Your Child to Get Antibiotics

It is a rare parent who is not familiar with childhood ear infections. While my own family has been blessed to have gotten off with relative ease (no chronic ear infections, tubes needed, etc), the fact is that I’ve administered my share of the refrigerated pink goo medicine that gave our kids much-needed antibiotics over the years. As a parent, you get to know the signs and symptoms, the crying and tugging in a young child, the complaining in an older one, sometimes each accompanied by fever or following a cold or respiratory illness. Now, newer guidelines to physicians may … Continue reading

What’s in Your Water?

Being born and raised in Memphis, I took our water supply for granted.  Over the years, I heard we had wonderful water because it came from artesian wells, whatever that was. Then, I moved to California.  I noticed that when I’d wash dishes, a film would remain on them.  I wondered what was being left inside when I drank the water.  Moving to Arkansas didn’t prove much better.  We still had film on dishes.  Then, we moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Camp Lejeune, found in Jacksonville, had water contamination problems from 1953 through 1987.  Sigh. Now, I am finally back … Continue reading

The Mediterranean Diet and Protecting Your Heart By Protecting Your Olive Oil

In the news recently is some research that many of us may have already suspected, consuming the typical Mediterranean Diet can lower one’s risk of heart-related issues, including heart attack, stroke, or heart disease. One big component of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, a rich fat that is monounsaturated and found to help lower cholesterol and control insulin levels. Scientists are now researching even more benefits of olive oil, such as positive effects on both bone and digestive health. Before you go gun-ho on the Mediterranean diet and start using olive oil on everything in sight, you should know … Continue reading