Be More Compassionate at Work

People who are under a great deal of stress tend to forget to be nice to their coworkers. This is a very human reaction to being tense, overwhelmed, or scared about the future. One way to make your workplace less awful is to be more compassionate at work. If you really don’t feel like it – then it is even more important that you rediscover your compassion. Times are tough. You and your coworkers might be struggling to finish a big project in the days before its deadline. There might be quotas that each worker must achieve. Someone calls in … Continue reading

Tips for Coping After Losing Your Spouse

Losing a loved one can be very traumatic, especially when the person who has passed away was your spouse. Grief is something that you cannot rush or outsource, and it will take as long as it needs to. Here are some tips for coping after losing your spouse. Five Stages of Grief People who have lost a spouse are going to be feeling a flood of emotions. You might find some comfort in knowing that what you are experiencing is something that all humans go through. Let yourself feel whatever emotion it is you are feeling, and realize that this … Continue reading

Coloring Books Aren’t Just for Kids

Think back to when you were a child. Did you spend time happily coloring the pictures that were in your coloring books? Today, many adults are rediscovering their love for coloring. There are several different types of detailed coloring books out there which are intended for grownups to use. Coloring is fun. It’s something that people first learn how to do when they are in preschool or kindergarten. Little kids can improve their fine motor skills by grasping a crayon and using it to color a picture. They find it rewarding to color a picture all by themselves and are … Continue reading

Detoxing your Life

The other day, I was on the phone with my best friend. We were complaining about aches and pains and how we didn’t think it could be stress because we just didn’t feel stressed. Then, we proceeded to complain about different things in our lives for the next 30 minutes. She laughed and said, “But, we aren’t stressed about anything!” Stress can affect our health – both mental and physical. But how can we detox ourselves of poisonous stress? First, ask yourself some honest questions. Do you get irritated easily? Do you always feel like you are rushing from place … Continue reading

Cancer and Stress

My husband’s kidney biopsy has come back and it was negative. I am not sure why it took for me to see the report for me to believe it was true. The surgeon told me he was sure it was not cancer, our primary told me it was not cancer but until I saw the pathology saying no cancer I still thought there was a chance it was cancer. I do not know if this fear in my head will ever go away but the reality is that this fear is so all consuming and overwhelming. I find myself not … Continue reading

Learning Happiness

I am in the middle of a big move and sometimes I think the stress of it all it trying to kill me. I think my body is literally breaking down from the worry, so wouldn’t it be great if we could just learn to make ourselves happy? Matthieu Ricard may have the key to that secret. A Buddhist monk, Ricard is known as the “happiest man in the world.” It’s not because he always has a smile for the postman or waves at everyone he sees, Ricard has had MRIs done to shows he physically has a large level … Continue reading

The Art of Relaxation

If you are a mom on the go, then the word “relax” may be foreign to you. Still, it’s the first word most people use to try to calm down high-strung people when things get stressful. “Reeeelax!” In most cases it’s heartfelt advice, but in fact, for some individuals, who are prone to stress and anxiety, the word, “relax,” can further elevate their blood pressure. If you are one of these people, then consider the benefits that come with relaxing. Avoiding a spike in stress levels can actually improve your health. Therefore, it’s important to practice relaxation techniques. Try yoga, … Continue reading

Do a Mental Health Check

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a good time to do a mental health check on how you are doing. It’s important to understand that mental health is about more than just mental illness. You can not have a mental illness but still be mentally unhealthy. There are some specific things that you can take a good look at in your life to determine how you are doing mentally. First of all, what is your outlook on life? Are you able to enjoy life? Or do you find that life is something you are simply trying to … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Seeking Health Info Online

I’m sure that most people will agree that having the Internet is a wonderful thing for the most part. We can find interesting articles, interact with people, send away for free samples, file our taxes, even find true love online. There are also some bad things about seeking out information over the Internet as well. Some of the negative things are the fact that people can pretend to be anything and anyone they want. This doesn’t bode well for those trying to date since you may think you’re talking to someone who looks like Johnny Depp and the person ends … Continue reading

Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

Almost everyone has probably heard that expression before. You feel grumpy or are having a bad day and someone says, “What’s wrong with you? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” Although it doesn’t really matter which side of bed we crawl out of in the morning, you can always tell when it’s going to be one of those days. Is it simply our mindset or a sixth sense when we awaken and can almost feel that gray cloud hovering above our heads, warning us that today will not be a good day? As you stumble … Continue reading