Healthy Little Freebies to Help You Feel Better

Breathe RightAccording to many different news articles, yesterday was “Blue Monday”. Some say the grey, awful, weather, combined with shorter days and less sunlight made a lot of people feel especially down yesterday. Others think the “blah” feeling comes from unpaid Christmas bills and the failure of yet another attempt at a New Year’s Resolution. Need a quick little dose of happiness? Here are some healthy little freebies that may help you feel a little bit better.

LEVEL Life is giving away a free “Raise Low Blood Sugar Starter Kit”. It comes with a free sample of Fast-Acting Level Life Glucose Gel, a free “Keep Moving Forward” guidebook, and a $0.75 coupon for a package of Fast-Acting Glucose Gel. I would highly recommend speaking with your doctor about this product before you try it out. To get this freebie, just fill out the form on their website.

Centrum has a free sample of Centrum Flavor Burst Chews. These are being offered “while supplies last”. To get this freebie, sign up for it by filling out the form on their website.

Delta Labs is giving away samples of their Green Tea + product. It is said to help with burning fat, losing weight, and gaining energy. This is another one I would recommend that you speak with your doctor about before you try it. To get this freebie, you need to visit their Facebook page and click “like”.

Curves will give you a free “No Obligation Consultation”. To get this freebie, you need to fill out the form on their page. You can choose if you want to receive special offers from Curves as you sign up for the freebie.

Breathe Right is giving away a sample of their Breathe Right strips. Perhaps this could help you get a better nights sleep! To get this freebie, you need to fill out the form on their page and register for a free sample. Doing so will make you eligible to receive offers and news about Breathe Right products. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for the freebie to arrive in the mail.

Prilosec OTC is giving away a free sample of Prilosec OTC. To get this freebie you need to answer a few questions on their website. You will either qualify for the freebie, or you won’t. I would recommend reading the fine print about the product while you are visiting their website.

Image by Jeremy Noble on Flickr