Hold That Toyger Cat! : Jungle Beauty

The Toyger CatThe Toyger is a “designer cat breed” still in the stages of development. Recognized by the International Cat Association for registration in the 1990s, this breed was founded in the United States largely through the efforts of Judy Sugden of the EEYAS Cattery. It is the result of a cross between a striped Domestic Short Hair (DSH) and a Standard Bengal Tabby (SBT). These cats were bred for modern city life and they were meant to become companions for two-legged apartment dwellers. After years of effort, the result is a beautiful striped cat, which resembles a “toy tiger.” (Hence the name).

These cats are muscular, medium-sized and shorthaired, and their markings are breathtaking to behold. The stripes are actually long rosettes and are often individual stripes rather than a uniform mackerel pattern. The optimum coloring is an orange/tan background with black stripes, identical to those found on the majestic and beautiful wild tiger. The ideal coat will be completely striped with no spotting. The ears are small and rounded. A work still in progress, each generation of Toygers so far has improved upon the last, with the ultimate goal of creating a beautiful domestic cat with the appearance of a jungle cat.

In personality, these cats have sweet temperaments and make wonderful pets. They are not lap cats, but they love affection and attention. They adapt well to most households and bond with their owners as well as children and other pets. They can be trained to walk on a leash, go fetch and other tricks.

These cats represent the perfect blend of jungle beauty and domestic sweetness. The goals for this breed are very promising and were never before though possible in a domestic cat. Progress is slow but steady, and these cats are expensive and relatively rare.
Do YOU own such a beautiful cat? Please share your experiences.

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