Holiday Jollies


The best part of the holiday season is getting together with family and friends to share a few laughs.  Or, in some case, huge belly busters that have you rolling on the floor gasping for air.

One of the simplest ways to share a seasonal smile is to tell a Christmas joke.  Kids and adults alike appreciate a good holiday riddle.  What’s more, clean, seasonal funnies can be added to Christmas cards, family newsletters or used as an ice breaker at a company party or family get-together.  If you are entertaining kids this month, consider printing out the following cute and funny Christmas-themed riddles.  You can place them at the kids’ spots at the dinner table.  They’re sure to have their seatmates in stitches before the meal is served.

What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?

What do elves learn in school?
The Elf-abet!

What kind of bird can write?
A pen-guin

What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

What do you get if you cross Santa with a detective?
Santa Clues!

What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?
It’s Christmas, Eve.

Why does Santa Claus like to work in the garden?
Because he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe!

What do you get if Santa goes down the chimney when a fire is lit?
A Crisp Kringle

What happened when the snow woman got angry at the snowman?
She gave him the cold shoulder

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

What did the ghosts say to Santa Claus?
We’ll have a boo Christmas without you.

Other ways to get loved ones laughing this holiday season is to play interactive games.  Have a dance-off between family members and friends while Christmas tunes blast in the background.  Then, give prizes to the guests who bust the funniest moves on the dance floor.  Or, play Christmas Carol Pictionary.  Players draw clues on a large dry-erase board or paper and try to get their teammates to guess the title of the seasonal ditty.


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