Holiday Time Crunch

Do you wait until January to craft holiday-themed layouts?

I used to stock up on festive Christmas-themed embellishments, papers and memorabilia throughout the month of December, and then go into hiding during the first week of January to complete a marathon scrapbooking session.  However, my pages never turned out as well as I would have liked given my time crunch.  I felt pressure to slap together holiday memory albums just so I could cross it off my to-do list.  What’s more, I was extremely bothered by the idea of working on Christmas scrapbooks when Valentine’s Day was just around the corner.

These days I’ve learned to manage my time a bit better.  I now try to design at least one or two layouts per week as various holiday-themed events take place… not two months after the fact.  For example, rather than waiting until mid-January to craft a layout highlighting my daughter’s school Christmas concert, I try to assemble the page within a week of the performance when the details of the event are still fresh in my mind.  This helps a lot, especially if you are adding journaling blocks to layouts.  I find that even if I take notes of the event and place it on my scrapbooking table for future reference, many times I still forget to include cute anecdotes or touching moments I would like to preserve.

If you run into this issue there are ways to fill white space on your layouts.  When I forget to jot down notes or I neglect to save a piece of memorabilia from a holiday-themed activity, I supplement with poems or song lyrics that tie into the page design.  Classic Christmas poems are generic enough to use on a variety of layouts.  Some of my favorites include Another Christmas by the Reverend W. M. Bell, Merry Christmas by Louisa May Alcott and Christmas Bells by Longfellow.

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