Holidays and Dieting: Self-Control in High Gear

Attempted Sabotage!

With Thanksgiving just behind us and Christmas hot on our heels, the quest for building up our self-control against self-indulgence is an all out challenge. It is a dieter’s worst nightmare to be surrounded by the vast amounts of delicious holiday food and know that we should not eat it lest we suffer all that we have gained during our journey in dieting. Too many bites could lead to regret, depression and self-loathing. Yet, there it is, right in front of our face and look at it! It is calling us to try “just a little bit”. Do not fall for it. It is a trick.

Tips for Avoiding the Enemy

This will be a very big challenge, but you can do it. Here are some tips to help you survive the holiday bulge battle.

*Pick five food items that look really good and that you just “have to have”. Take only a small portion, perhaps a tablespoon of each. Okay, the higher calories ones probably do taste better, but limit yourself to two higher calorie choices and three of the lower calorie choices. You know which ones they are so do not try to fool yourself. You will only regret it later.

*Stop and think about all of the times that you ate more than you should have and how you felt afterwards before reaching for that serving spoon. Focus on the latter part of this sentence as it could make all the difference in how you control yourself.

*Do not stick around the food after you eat. Quietly walk away. Will yourself to do it. Go and find someone to visit with in another room. Go involve yourself with the kids.

Home Sweet Home

You made it out of there before you were a victim of self-indulgence. You are home and you are safe. You did well and you feel good about how you handled your temptations. You have no regrets and feel like you are in control. All is well and maybe, just maybe the next morning you will find that not only do you weigh the same, but you might weigh even a tad less than the day before. You did it! You are a winner!

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