Home Based Business Idea – Florist

bouquetWith wedding season just around the corner, home  – based professionals whose products and services are often purchased for weddings are gearing up for a busy time. One type of home – based business that offers a service which is in demand during wedding season is a florist business. In addition to weddings, there are many occasions for people to buy flowers. Without the expense of maintaining a storefront, home based florists can offer beautiful arrangements at attractive prices.

As with any home – based business, a solid business plan is a necessity. When you work through your plan, choose your niche. Will you offer arrangements for weddings funerals, both, or neither? Caterers need floral arrangements for events, and people like to give beautiful floral arrangements for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Since you will need some supplies and equipment to get started as a florist, make researching those costs thoroughly a top priority when you create your business plan.

Floral design is a business based on artistic talent, so make sure that you create one or more albums of pictures of your floral arrangements to show to potential clients. Sometimes, a client might like a design so much that they ask you to replicate it exactly. A design may also inspire a client to work with you to design something similar, but perhaps in a different color scheme. If you decide to advertise your services online, make sure that you have plenty of photos of your work on there for would – be customers to see. Speaking of advertising, tell everyone that you know about your budding florist business. Leave business cards around your community, on bulletin boards, at funeral homes, and in bridal shops. A career as a home – based floral designer can be fun and rewarding if it is a good fit for your personality and your abilities.