Home Based Businesses Can Be As Unique As You Are

This weekend, I was able to see first – hand a variety of products and services that are made and offered by home – based professionals. I took a trip to Maine to attend the Common Ground Fair, which is an event that focuses on sustainability and environmental awareness. There were many things to do and see, and as I went along I realized that many of the people selling food and other items at the fair are home – based professionals.

There were many food vendors, and some of the vendors whose delicious dishes I tasted were home – based. There was a farmers’ market section, and family farms were offering many types of fruits and vegetables as well as fresh meat, milk, eggs, herbs, flowers, and grains. In the livestock barns, breeders were selling some of their animals that they had raised at home.

In the tents in the marketplace, creative talents were in abundance. I saw beautiful hand crafted jewelry in many different styles. There were rugs, sweaters, hats, blankets, yarns, and other fiber arts and fiber art supplies made by people who raised sheep, alpaca, and rabbits for wool. Blacksmiths and glassblowers offered both fanciful and practical wares. Handmade leather goods, fruit preserves, dried herbs, teas, and soaps were being offered for sale by the people who had made them. There were just so many different things made by so many talented people, all in one place.

My trip to the Common Ground Fair confirmed that there is no limit to the creativity and ingenuity that home – based professionals can offer to the global marketplace. If you have something unique to contribute, why not see whether you can make a full time or part time home – based business out of it. As I looked at the different products that were at the fair and talked to the people who made them, it was evident that they all care very much about what they do. They are proud of their products and services, and that pride is evidenced by the quality of the things that they make.

Photo by jdurham on morguefile.com.