Home – Based Work as a Path to Freedom

openroadThe other day I had a conversation with my husband about work. He works very hard outside of the home, and he is working towards being able to make the leap to working for himself, from home. As you know, I stay home with our two boys full time and I work from home part time.

Anyways, as a part of our conversation I mentioned that in the future when I have more time available to do as I please, I will likely work more. After I said that, I think that my husband and I were thinking the same thing – that I really do love my work. If we were in fact both having that thought, then we were both correct indeed. I love working for myself as a writer.

During that same conversation it also occurred to me that now that I do work for myself, there is no going back. Seriously. I can not ever see myself going back to working at a regular job outside of the home. You may think that this is a rather bold statement, and I would have to agree with you there. As bold as it is, though, it’s the truth. While I am unable to work as many hours as I would like to right now, I know that if all of a sudden I were able to double or even triple the amount of hours that I was available to work, I could fill my schedule in short order. It’s not that I think I’m all that or anything, it is just that I know the territory. There is plenty of freelance writing work out there, and if I need more than I have on my plate at any given time, all that I have to do is go online and look for new projects to bid on.

This confident feeling that I have regarding my home – based work is a beautiful thing. I hope that everyone else who has made the leap to working from home is able to get to a point where they feel this way. Once you know how to find your own way as a home – based professional, the road in front of you is wide open.

Photo by Dyet on morguefile.com.