Home Based Work for the Administrative Professional

If you are an administrative professional, you may wonder whether your skills could enable you to work from home. After all, administrative professionals are often the first kind of professionals that come to mind when one thinks of the world of traditional office – bound work. If working at home is where your heart is, do not despair. Your skills are a valuable resource that you can use to create a new opportunity for yourself – as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants manage phone and email communications, do billing, handle customer service, and more, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual assistant jobs are as varied as office-based administrative assistant jobs. Some positions require you to be available to answer the phone from 9am to 5pm. These particular positions may not be ideal for stay at home parents of small children for obvious reasons. Other positions do not require full time availability and may have hours that are more flexible or the ability to work on a per-project basis instead of on an hourly basis. Some clients are not looking for a full – time virtual assistant, so you may be able to take on a couple of clients whose schedules and needs fit into the time that you have available for working.

Clients love virtual asistants because they can get the help that they need without hiring a full time employee, or, even of they need you full time, without the expenses of office overhead, paid vacation, and other expenses that are associated with in – house staff. A virtual assistant that consistently produces high quality work on an as-needed basis is a very important resource, so what are you waiting for? Get out your resume and look at all of your administrative skills. Now, think about how you could put those skills to work as a virtual assistant and begin looking for the clients that are out there waiting for you.

Photo by sri_grafix on morguefile.com.