Homemade Cleaning Recipes: Wipes

file0001121367266Make your own laundry detergent; prepare some homemade cleaners; make your own baking mixes.  Whatever it is that you currently buy at the store to keep your home running, from baby wipes to toilet cleaner, chances are that there is a homemade version that will save your money, be gentle on your cleaning surfaces and your family. Non-toxic cleaners are healthier and easily made. Plus, who doesn’t like saving money in the household budget?

I’ve gather some of the best and complete homemade cleaning recipes and make your own blog posts on Families.com. Bookmark these posts, so you can come back to it and enjoy all of the cleaning recipes that you will ever need!

First up are wipes of all kinds.

Make Your Own Sanitizing Wipes


Commercial sanitizing wipes are so easy to use. You know the kind? They come in big cylinder containers and are made by Clorox, Lysol or other companies. They are disposable, so you can use them and immediately toss them away. I used to use them all of the time, to wipe the counters after preparing chicken, or anytime I wanted something with a little more germ killing power over soap and water.

Making Homemade Baby Wipes


Having a baby is such a joyous time, not only for the proud parents, but also for all of the friends and family that wish to welcome the baby into the world. A baby shower is the perfect way for everybody to gather and give best wishes and shower the mother-to-be with wonderful gifts for her baby. Many of the most helpful and handy gifts are those such as diapers and wipes, the things that get used most often when baby comes home.

Nontoxic and Reusable Baby Wipes


Bum, bum bum bum….drumroll, please! It’s the baby wipe!

The Cheap Way to Use Your Swiffer


Why spent a lot maintaining those fancy kitchen floor systems? From Clorox to Swiffer, it seems like there is always a new way to clean your kitchen floor.

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