Homemade Hangover Cures

hangover curesNeed a homemade hangover cure for yourself or friends and family? Take your pick, here is the latest advice on what to do to cure a hangover, as well as some classic hangover cures.

Please note that the best way to avoid a hangover is to not overindulge in alcohol. Also, this blog is informational only and not intended to provide medical advice.

Milk Thistle Hangover Cure

This year, New Years Eve partygoers are stocking up on capsules of milk thistle as insurance against an achy head that results from too much drinking the night before. Once used centuries ago to cure ill children and those bitten by snakes, milk thistle has been newly discovered as a miracle cure for hangover, thanks to many social networking sites and testimony by those it has helped. You can find milk thistle at your local supermarket, pharmacy or health supplement store.

Banana Hangover Cure

Eating a bunch of bananas can quickly replace the potassium that drained from your body through the excess urine that occurs with drinking a lot. The bananas should make you feel a little better and give you some energy.

Ginger Root Hangover Cure

Ginger is wonderful for seasickness and nausea. When you have had too much to drink, you may really feel as though you are shifting around on a boat. Drink some ginger ale or brew some ginger tea to settle your stomach and get rid of that not so lovely shade of green. You can make your own tea by slicing fresh ginger and then boiling it in water for 10 minutes. Drain and drink.


Honey is a great hangover care because the fructose in the honey can help how your body processes (metabolizes) alcohol, which will in turn help get headaches under control. Boil a cup of water and mix in the honey. You can add some lemon juice for taste, if you like.

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