Homeschool Groups and Resources in Illinois G-N

Getting involved with other homeschoolers is very important to a family’s success in homeschooling It is important to join a homeschool network or support group in your area, There are also many homeschooling groups as well as many homeschooling classes, and programs that your students can enjoy. In this series, we are covering homeschool groups and resources across the country. This installment is part 1 for Illinios A-H

IL HS Gifted An all inclusive communication loop and supportive network for Illinois families who are homeschooling their highly, exceptionally, or profoundly gifted children.

ILHSannounce This list is for all Illinois homeschoolers, or those who are interested in homeschooling in Illinois.

Illinois Home Education This site is dedicated to providing information on homeschooling in the state of Illinois.

Illinois Coalition of Non-Public Schools We monitor state-wide education activities and share information of interest to non-public schools who seek to assist each other in common efforts.

Illinois Christian Home Educators ICHE is dedicated to helping christian families get the information and support they need to educate their children in today’s society.

Illinois H.O.U.S.E. is a non-sectarian, state-wide, homeschooling support association. Last updated in 2006.

Illinois Homeschool Freedom Watch This list exists to network all homeschoolers interested in Illinois homeschool laws, homeschooling legal issues, court cases involving homeschoolers and homeschooling legislative issues in Illinois, regardless of any group affiliation.

Illinois Homeschools This list is for Christian Families who plan to or are currently homeschooling in the state of Illinois.

Illinois TAG This is a meeting place for Illinois home schoolers who also subscribe to the TAGMAX email list. We hope to use this forum to plan outings, share local resources and basically get to know each other better.

Jackson County Home Educators (JCHE) Email: This group has meetings every other month, activities, field trips, email network. They also have a high school commencement ceremony once per year.

Latter-day Saint Home Schoolers in Missouri
This e-mail discussion group is for all Latter-day Saint Homeschoolers in the Missouri/Illinois area.

Lincoln Area Homeschoolers
A group for home educators in the Lincoln, IL area.

Many Rivers Unschoolers An all-inclusive unschooling support group of families from Will County, DuPage County and surrounding counties in the west, far west, and southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We meet weekly in Plainfield, Illinois and for other special events.

Metro East Catholic Home Educators (MECHE) Serving the Belleville, IL area and Scott Air Force Base Email: We are a Catholic homeschool support group. Our activities include field trips, first Friday masses, geography night, etc. We have a Yahoo group for member communication.

Mighty Oaks Mighty Oaks is a local, non-denominational Christian homeschool group for students in 6th to 12th grade. We meet year-round, and our summer activities include educational field trips, community service projects, physical education, arts and crafts, and monthly family picnics. They have an academic program that has classes in debate, public speaking, foreign languages, drama, cooking and more.

MRU North MRU North is made up of unschooling families based in the Aurora/Naperville area and draws from many communities in the western suburbs of Chicago. We are currently planning field trips and other organized events on Wednesdays.
Network of Illinois Catholic Home Educators (NICHE) A network of 38 Catholic home schooling support groups around Illinois. Web site is for this year’s conference.

Northside Unschoolers Group (NUG) of Chicago is an open support group for unschoolers and homeschoolers in and around Chicago.

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