Homeschool News: Michigan may be in store for a change.

Laying down the law on homeschool truancy is Michigan State Rep. Woodrow Stanley’s new pet project. An odd soapbox since it is impossible to have truancy when the law does not require homeschoolers in Michigan to register.

Michigan has long been known as one of the easiest states to homeschool from a legal standpoint.  Rep. Stanley seeks to trample on parental rights using the back door approach filed under “what is best for the child.”

Rep. Stanley’s insight shines in his statement, Kids must be in school in order to learn,”.  Is that so?  He continues to show off his wit or ignorance by stating,  “This bill requires parents to report their child’s attendance records, giving home schools the same standards as public schools. Passing this bill is a no-brainer, it’s necessary for Michigan students.”  

Standards of the public schools?  Is he referring to Michigan public schools? You mean, Michigan schools that report over 400 out of about 500 districts failing.  Surely, he refers to some fantasy.  If the public schools in his states had standards the overwhelming majority would not be failing.

He goes on to say, It is imperative that kids are in school.”  

Does that sound like an elected official that is looking out for the education of homeschoolers or one who looks to put all kids in school?  It still begs the question of which public schools since most in his state are failing.  No, I don’t think that can be overstated enough.  Before the government comes knocking on a homeschooler’s door under the banner of superior academics it should make certain the children they educate can pass their own pass their own state standards.  It sickens me that a failing school system, failing government, and   failing economy, feels the need to say what is best for our families.

Do not be fooled.  This is an attack on homeschooling not a method to help children become educated.  Our freedoms are fragile and too many are willing to hand it over when some politician cries “it’s for the children”.