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Homeschool Parents in Germany Still Fighting Nazi Laws

The ‘Schulpflicht’ – the laws that require school attendance – are on the books in the German states, and have been traced back to the ‘Reichsschulpflicht Gesetz’ [federal compulsory attendance laws] which was passed in 1938. Except for the removal of references to the Nazi party, these laws are identical or substantially the same as the laws passed by Hitler’s government, criminalizing parents who keep their children home for school.”

This is what the parents Juergen and Rosemarie Dudeck of Archfeld Germany have alleged in court in their fight to homeschool their children. To date they have been wholly unsuccessful and their current prosecutor would like to see them jailed for disobeying anti-homeschool laws.

It seems their argument may have some weight as in the latest news, they have avoided jail time and have only been given a fine. The fine is 120 euros, the equivalent of 180 US Dollars.

They were not completely successful however. The judge required that the children all remain in public schools from now on and said the Gorber’s 3-year-old needed to be enrolled in a playgroup, but did not require caseworkers to remain involved. The parents are just glad to have their children back. If the family continues to homeschool they will be open to further prosecution.

This is one of several high profile homeschool family in Germany who has fought for the right to homeschool their own. Johannes and Cornelia Gorber recently regained custody of their children that they had lost because of homeschooling. The Romeikes are living in Tennessee hoping for US political asylum.

What unrestricted American Homeschoolers must remember is that just twenty to thirty years ago, homeschoolers in our country went through similar trials in their effort to provide better opportunities for their children. We need to be careful to stay involved and not get too comfortable, because homeschoolers in this country are still looked on with suspicion as child abusers and unfit parents.

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