Homeschool Seniors: Are you prepping for the test?

The time comes too quickly.  We know it’s coming but like to fool ourselves and pretend we have plenty of time.  Then it happens;  our teen prepares to look at colleges.  College!  The thought is almost too much bare.  We just spent twelve years homeschooling and now it is about to reach a brand new phase.

For many homeschoolers, a test is breaking new ground.  Some never had the opportunity to take a standardized test to gain some comfort with taking timed tests for achievement.  Relax, homeschoolers are known for performing high marks on tests regardless of how many fill in the dot tests they may have or not have experience taking.  Additionally, Barron’s is there to help.  If your homeschooler stresses about taking the ACT or the SAT help can come directly to him to prepare for amazing results.  Understanding the test and ridding anxiety is half the battle.  No matter your learning style or where your desk sits in the world, you have instant access to experts to help you through the beginning of the huge transition in your life.  Your student can even prep for the test using your iPad!

Once your child is prepped for the test, the battle is not over.  It is your turn to reduce your child’s anxiety so test day can be successful.  Encourage your child to get plenty of rest the night before.  That may be the hard but a cup of tea or warm milk at the end of the day may make for a restful night.  Believe it or not, kiwi helps a person attain better sleep.  The day of the test make sure your child eats a solid breakfast.  Don’t forget water and a small snack as hours of testing can bring on thirst and munchies.  Just encourage your child to do his best and with the right test prep there is nothing to worry about.

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