Making Math Fun

Just because your child doesn’t easily makes sense of math now, doesn’t mean he’s doomed to fail as a future number cruncher.  There are plenty of kids, who struggle with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in their early years, and then something finally clicks, and they end up as successful accountants or actuaries. To ensure that your homeschooled student achieves success in the world of mathematics, don’t rely solely on memorization.  Having children memorize math facts without teaching them why the answer is correct often leads to future problems. Kids will be much more receptive to learning math if you … Continue reading

Lessons from the Compost Heap

A compost heap is so much more than just a bunch of garbage. If you are homeschooling, your pile of waste products can easily be transformed into a cherished curriculum container. Composting teaches kids about nature’s life cycle.  The simple and affordable project gives children an up close look at how decay gives rise to new life.  What’s more, that mound of trash is also a hotbed for hands-on science lessons. For starters you can school your students on the make-up of soil.  Dirt is composed of air, water, minerals (including sand, silt and clay) and organic matter.  The last … Continue reading

Visual Latin: Makes Latin Easy!

The thought of teaching Latin made me want to hide under a table. I did not think there would be any way for me to teach Latin. I never took Latin in school. I have no experience in this subject and quite frankly it is an intimidating subject if you are unfamiliar. Knowing that I decided to homeschool to provide a better education I knew I would have to find away to teach my children Latin. Latin will help build a strong foundation for English. A person who knows Latin will have a firmer grasp on vocabulary and spelling. I … Continue reading

My Favorite Backseat Traveling Toys

Homeschool is a misconception since most who homeschool are rarely home.  As summer hits we are home even less.  Each of my kids are signed up for an activity, a day summer camp, or a volunteer opportunity.  I make sure they are not overloaded but with four kids I am always dropping off or picking up someone.  My two little ones are always in tow no matter whose day it is to go somewhere.  As you can image they get bored with all the driving around.  Since my older two kids have the most to do it leaves my little … Continue reading

A Pen for the Teacher

Every year I buy oodles of school supplies.  A quirk about homeschool moms is that we love to buy school supplies.  In fact, we can get downright giddy for the right ones.  My shelves are filled with paper, binders, scissors, markers, crayons, pencils, pens, folders, and all the trimmings.  Even if my supply is full I still take advantage of school supply sales.  You can never have too many pencils or too much paper, right? While most of my school supplies consist of items for the kids, every now and again I like to keep up on teacher supplies.  I … Continue reading

iPad App: Skip Counting

Product:  Skip Math Format:  iPad/iPhone App Made by:  Math File Folder Games Grades:  K-3rd Objective:  To teach skip counting through play. Features: Game can be customized for a boy or girl by choosing an avatar.  In addition, the child can take an image and use that on the avatar.  Game has several levels with increasing difficulty from practicing skip counting from 2-11. Can be used as a multi-player game using Bluetooth. The game keeps track of speed and score. Navigating the Skip Counting App Once you begin the game your child will be prompted to type in his or name … Continue reading

What People are Saying About: Heart of Dakota

What is Heart of Dakota Heart of Dakota strives to publish Christ-centered homeschool curricula that is easy to use, flexible, and educational and can also be used with multiple ages at the same time. Our desire is to help homeschool teachers have a successful experience from the very beginning, while keeping God’s Word at the heart of their children’s academic training. {from site} What People are Saying… We haven’t been using it very long but I love it! We use it with all 4 children right now (3-7yo) and it’s been wonderful! ~Dana   Heart of Dakota is the best! … Continue reading

School Supply Favorite: Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard:  My New iLove Obsession I purchased an iPad for my homeschool about a year ago. I cannot say enough amazing things about it and neither can my children. I bring it everywhere making every drive, waiting room, or park a classroom. We also conduct school on our porch and backyard. My smaller kids use apps most of the time and hardly noticed the need for a keyboard. Yet, my older kids and I often found ourselves wishing the iPad came with a small keyboard. I tried to fill the need by purchasing a case that had a … Continue reading

CurrClick Online Classes

Homeschool Live Online Class {at a glance} Product: CurrClick Live Online Classes Format: Connects using Adobe Connect Grades: Kindergarten thru High School depending on class chosen. Classes: Science, Math, English, Foreign Language, Art, etc. Teachers: Qualified and screened teachers, CurrClick publishers, and homeschool parents. Cost: Varies on class chosen. What are CurrClick Live Online Classes? CurrClick Live is a division of CurrClick the site for downloadable curriculum in a click. CurrClick Live offers a variety of  homeschool online classes. If the prospect of entering into the world of online learning is overwhelming, then let me alleviate your fears.  The site is easy to … Continue reading

Record Keeping with Homeschool Minder

Homeschool Minder is a record keeping (web-based) software for homeschool teachers.  It is intuitive and interactive as it tracks grades, achievements, skills learned, lesson plans, assignments, and your calendar.  If it involves homeschooling it goes in Homeschool Minder.  Yes, you can input field trips.  Yes, you can input appointments.  Oh yes, even days at co-op.  It is the only record keeping system you will need.  Really…it is that exhaustive. You may be overwhelmed at first but navigation is easy and bypassing anything you don’t feel you need is simple and won’t get in your way.  If you state requires attendance or you submit … Continue reading