Honesty Is Its Own Reward

There’s an episode of Family Guy where Meg, Stewie, and Chris find a lost wallet. The Griffin children want to spend the money. Neighbor Joe Swanson informs the kids that they need to turn the lost wallet in to the police and then wait two weeks for it to be claimed. If the wallet is not claimed, the kids get to keep the funds. I do believe Bobby went through a similar situation on The Brady Bunch.

When I was in high school my boyfriend and I went to Nazarene Night at Disneyland with my church. We were waiting in line for burgers and gave our order prior to the window. When we got to the window I told the cashier that there were two orders on the ticket but we were billed for only one. The cashier’s response was, “And you’re telling me?!”

Yes, I am that person. I tell merchants when an error has been made in their favor. I will walk back into a store to pay for items that the checker neglected to ring. I have to sleep with myself at night and I need to know that I’m doing the right things.

Here in Dallas recently a teenager found $2000. The teen did the right thing and took the money to the police and was assured that she would get the money if it was not claimed. Dallas Police reneged on its word and decided to keep the money for itself. The teen’s parents got the police to do the right thing on its end.

Doing the right thing for its own sake is what we should be doing. What message does it teach a child, however, when she does the right thing and is punished and lied to because of it? What example are you setting for your children?