Housekeeping in 2013


Getting ready to kiss 2012 goodbye, I am eager to embrace the New Year.  But I am also ready to conquer what I believe has become a lost art in today’s society, housekeeping.

If you think about it, it’s kind of an old-fashioned word.  Homemaking has mostly replaced it.  But it means one and the same.

It can also be a concept viewed in a negative light.  It might conjure up images of women donning aprons, scrubbing the floor on their hands and knees (forget the Shark Steam Mop!).  Or you might picture June Cleaver in her dress and heels, happily dusting away.

But housekeeping is about more than just cleaning your home; which by the way is an important part of taking care of your family.  This may help alleviate some of the feelings of dread that it can bring, since most of us would probably rather do anything else than clean.

So yes, housekeeping is cleaning.  But there is much more to it.  It’s also about making repairs, decorating and organizing.  It encompasses so much more than you might think.

One of my goals in blogging about housekeeping is to take away the negative stigma attached to it.  If I can make it fun (okay, that might be a stretch), economical and easier, I will certainly attempt to do that.

So with that, I have a plan for the year 2013.  In January the focus will be on cleaning.  In February it will be basic home repairs.  March’s focus will be on decorating and in April it will be organizing.

By emphasizing each of these areas, it should make you a better (and perhaps happier) housekeeper.  I also plan on incorporating more product reviews so that you can know what’s out there and whether any of it is worth investing in.

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