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How Bad Are Your Cravings?

How strong are your pregnancy cravings? Take this short quiz and find out where you end up on the scale.

You see a commercial for doughnuts and you….
1) Think to yourself, “wow, those look yummy,” consider sending your hubby out to get one, and then flip the channel instead.
2) Plan to pick some up the next morning.
3) Demand that your hubby drive to the grocery store and pick some up pronto.

If you picked number 1, you are probably not pregnant. (I’m just kidding!) If you picked number 2, you have a healthy control over your cravings. If you picked number 3, your husband is going to be glad when you finally have this baby!

In all seriousness, pregnancy cravings can vary from one woman to the next, and even between stages in a single pregnancy. I remember craving ice tea in the beginning of my pregnancy, milk in the middle, and root beer in the last month. Talk about changing your mind; those beverage cravings couldn’t be more diverse. I was the same way with food. In the beginning I could not eat sweets, and yet by the time I got to the end of my pregnancy, I couldn’t get my fill of chocolate chip cookies. (Yes, I was eating chocolate chip cookies and root beer during break every day. Now that I think of it, it sounds really gross. That’s almost as bad as pickles and ice cream, don’t you think?)

If you have strong cravings for certain types of foods, keep stocked up on things you think will satisfy that craving. You never know, a piece of cinnamon toast might just curb that doughnut craving. Or a Bagel Bite might curve that strong desire for a big slice of pizza. Keeping your favorites foods in the pantry will prevent you from having to make an extra trip just because you can’t stop thinking about a particular food. If your craving is fast food, you should probably find a homemade alternative, I’m sorry to say. I’m not so much worried about the baby getting the right nutrition in this scenario, but I am worried about a pregnant woman getting proper nutrition when 5 meals a week come from the drive-thru.

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