How Did You Know That You Were Pregnant?

signOne of the interesting things about pregnancy is that each woman has a slightly different set of symptoms that eventually lead her to realize that perhaps it might be time to go to the pharmacy and pick up a package of pregnancy tests. For example, with my first son, the defining moment when I had the actual thought that I could be pregnant was one morning when I was eating breakfast with my husband. For some reason, my coffee tasted absolutely revolting. I love, love, love the taste of coffee so that immediately got me to thinking that something was amiss. A pregnancy test confirmed my suspicion later in the day. With my second son, I went through an entire week of vacation wondering why all of the foods at my favorite restaurants did not taste as good as they usually did. It turns out that instead of vomiting, I was experiencing nausea in the form of not liking the taste of food and not really being interested in it. Anyone who knows me could tell you that if I’m not interested in food, especially vacation food, something is definitely going on. With both pregnancies, I also remember feeling really, really warm most of the time.

Today I read about some of the other interesting things that helped some women realize that perhaps there was a little something going on in the baby department. Forgetfulness is a common pregnancy symptom, and it can be very disconcerting for those of us who are normally always on our toes. Don’t worry, even though your brain does shrink slightly during pregnancy (thank you hormones) it goes back to its usual size shortly after baby is born. Good thing, too, because parenting requires every last brain cell that you’ve got. Have you suddenly started smelling everything much more intensely than ever before? A supercharged sense of smell is also a sign of a potential pregnancy, due to rising estrogen levels. Extreme fatigue, which is common in the first trimester, can also be a clue that points to a pregnancy in progress. What signs of pregnancy led you to decide that it was time for a pregnancy test?

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