How to Avoid Library Fees

Using the library can save your family quite a bit of money each year. In fact, if you are careful, you may be able to eliminate your entertainment budget completely. From books to movies to games, there is so much to borrow at your local library. Plus, you can also take advantage of free crafts, clubs, educational events and even music concerts.

Unfortunately, the down side to using the library is the danger of having to deal with library fees, which can range from a few cents for a book that is overdue by one day to a large fee to replace a lost or damaged book. Avoiding library fees means that you can enjoy all the benefits of free entertainment and education without the catch of fees that can quickly add up.

Here are some tips you can put in place to avoid the fees without avoiding the library.

Create a library box in your home. Grab or make a pretty decorative (but sturdy) box to house all library books, DVDs, video games and other library materials. All items must be returned to the box when not in use. This helps avoid library items that get lost all over the house or the car, and it will cut down on late fees and replacement costs.

Borrow electronically. Most libraries allow you to borrow books and even movies electronically. Ebooks come in many forms and many can be read in your browser, eliminating the need an e-reader, if you don’t have one.

There is a great benefit to borrowing an e-book or movie. When an item that is borrowed electronically comes due, it automatically “returned” to the library, eliminating both late fees and replacement costs. An item can then be borrowed again, if it doesn’t have a hold placed on it.

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