How to Avoid Politics on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when families get together, eat a traditional meal, and share what they are thankful for. Many families look forward to spending time with relatives on Thanksgiving. Other families, however, might not get along with each other very well. Here are some tips to avoid political arguments on Thanksgiving.

You may have relatives that post way too many political things. This can be irritating if you disagree with their viewpoints. If you will be sitting at the table with those relatives on Thanksgiving – mute them as soon as possible. Doing so might make you hate them a bit less when face to face.

The person who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner will have a lot of control over the situation. Turn on the TV to the channel that is showing the Macy’s Day Parade. When it ends, turn on the football game. Hide the remote so no one can turn on a news channel that some family members may dislike.

Make sure to have a kid’s table. Put it within eyesight of the table for the adults, but far enough away to give both groups some space. This allows the kids to enjoy Thanksgiving without having to hear the adults fight about politics.

There is an added bonus! The kid’s table enables adults, who don’t want to talk about politics, a place to escape to. Refill the kid’s glasses. Find out if any of them need more turkey or mashed potatoes. A parent can find an easy excuse to move to the kid’s table for at least ten minutes.

Another great way to avoid a political argument is to bring up how thankful you are that everyone can share this wonderful meal together. Ask a relative what they are thankful for. Go around the table. Few people will refuse to participate in this lovely Thanksgiving tradition.

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