How to Be a Hero Mom on a Budget

2-2dh3y1zSometimes I don’t feel like a hero mom. Such as yesterday. It was very late, and my tween and I were in the grocery section of Target looking to pick up just a couple of food items to help us make it through a long week, since we missed our scheduled food shopping. 

As we passed the frozen case on our way to hunt down cheese, my child asked me if we could get ice cream. Apparently he and his siblings already went through the one gallon container, the one quart container, and the box of ice cream sandwiches that were stored in the downstairs freezer. Summer brings out the ice cream appetite, I guess.

I looked in the frozen case and said no since none of the ice cream was on sale. Dejected, he mumbled something about wishing we didn’t have to buy everything on sale. I would like to say that I had a hero mom moment just then, but tired, cranky and not in my happy place, I decided to just abandon the shopping trip and make a mental note about scheduling a lecture about why we buy things on sale.

Now that I have had time to sleep more than two hours, I have a better perspective on things. Ice cream is important to someone who is young. Buying it at full price, just because my kid wanted it would have made me a hero mom. That is well worth the couple of extra dollars. I may not be able to schedule an annual trip to Disney World, but by gosh, I can buy ice cream.

So, today, I plan on going to the store and buying lots of it, and once, just once, serving it for dinner, out of the blue. I figure the kids can run off the sugar outside catching fireflies. These are the moments my children will remember.

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