How to Book a Cheap Flight: Your Questions Answered

Booking a cheap flight can be confusing these days. You want to get the lowest price, but going about it can be confusing? Fortunately, a little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to cheap flights.. Now you can spend less but travel more with the following frugal flyer tips. Get all of your questions answered.

What Is the Cheapest Month to Fly?

To save money, you can plan your flights during the cheapest months of the year. Low cost flights are pretty consistent. For domestic travel within the country, choose the month of September to fly. The average fares drop greatly then. Need a flight during the summer while the kids are still out of school? Choose the month of August, which is the cheapest month to fly in the summer.

If you are traveling internationally, you’ll want to fly during the months of February or March. International rates for flights are the lowest during those two months. In April and May, however, international airfares rise, so avoid flying outside of the country during those two months, if you can avoid it.

What is the Cheapest Day to Fly?

If you want to get the lowest fare possible, choose to fly out on a Tuesday or Wednesday. These two days of the week are the least popular to fly, and as a result generally feature the cheapest flights.

Where Should I Fly?

If you don’t have a particular destination in mind but just want to get away, consider flying to Toronto, Canada. Airfare to Toronto will see a major decrease this year. It is one of the cheapest, yet popular, vacation spots.

Other popular destinations that you can expect relatively low cost flights include Las Vegas, Nashville, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Santo Domingo.

What Airport Should I Choose?

Picking the closest airport to fly out of may not give you the cheapest fares. In many cases, a short drive to another airport could save you hundreds of dollars, even if you have to rent a car to get there. Compare costs on your flight rates when you fly out of different airports to check for significant savings.

When Should I Book a Flight?

In general, you’ll save the most money when you book a flight at least eight weeks in advance. Otherwise wait until the very last-minute, if you have a flexible schedule, since many airlines offer their vacant seats at a deep discount.

Which Booking Service Should I Use?

There are now many different booking services to use these days, from travel agencies to airfare websites. Choosing a booking service is largely a matter of choice and convenience. For the best price, though, most people are better off going directly to the airline. Use travel fare aggregate websites to get an idea of a median of prices for your preferred flight, and then call the airline directly. Usually you can get a good unadvertised deal from the airline and pick your preferred seating at the same time.


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