How to Find Money

There are several ways to find money in your life. If you are open and aware, you can be the beneficiary of extra money. You may find small amounts, or you may find large amounts. Here are my favorite ways to find money.

At the beginning of the year (or right now) figure out what your normal monthly bills happen to be. I’ll give you a personal example. By signing up for a budget plan, we pay a set amount for oil each month. Often, though, we never use as much oil as our “statistical average” for our home and family size. This often means that there is a month or two that we don’t actually pay for oil or some months when we are asked to pay a reduced amount (whenever the company wants to synchronize their payments or at the end of the year. Instead of just jumping for joy, we take that normal payment and put it into savings. It is found money for us.

Now, I know, you are going to tell me that since this is already our money, we aren’t really finding it so much as saving it. Okay, then, here is another idea for you. Simply look around. Whenever I am out for a walk or a run, I usually find money on the ground. Sometimes it is only a dime, and sometimes it is a $20 bill. You would be surprised how much of it is out there waiting to be found. I just can’t find the website now, but there is an actual family who collected every bit of money that they found outside. At the end of their project, they were able to donate quite a sizable amount to a charity. This family made sure to make special trips out to hunt for money on the ground.

Have you ever found money?

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