How to Get Coupons from Kmart

Big Kmart SignDid you know that Kmart offers coupons? Personally, I had no idea until very recently. I was looking at their website, and wondered if they had coupons (like Target does). They do! Here is what you need to know in order to start getting access to coupons from Kmart.

Follow these steps to get coupons from Kmart:

1. Go to the Kmart website.

2. Use their search engine. Type in the word “coupons” and hit enter (or return).

3. A new page will pop up. Click on either the portion that talks about online coupons or the part that mentions in store coupons. Either one will take you to the same place.

4. You will now be looking at a page that says “Deals Center”. This can be confusing if you were expecting to see a bunch of printable coupons right now. (There aren’t any coupons on this page). It also says “Get even more coupons as a ShopYourWay member.” In other words, you cannot access the coupons from Kmart unless you sign up with their website.

5. Click on the box that says “Get Started”.

6. Click the box that says “Sign Up Now.” Doing so will register you with ShopYourWay Rewards. Doing this will give you access to LocalAd offers, Members Only offers and pricing, and personalized coupons. It will start appearing in the inbox of whatever email address you give them. You can also visit the Kmart website for more.

7. A mini-window will pop up that will walk you through the rest of the process. If you have already signed up for ShopYourWay Rewards from,,, or you can use the same email and password for the Kmart version. You also have the option of signing up through your Facebook account. Or, you can fill out a short form and give them your email address.

8. Note: There is a box to click at the end of the form if you want them to send you text messages. The choice is up to you.

9. Read their Terms of Service. It seems that there is a points system involved in ShopYourWay Rewards.

10. Make sure your printer is ready to go before you click the button that finishes the form. You will need to print out your ShopYourWay Rewards card. Your Member Number will be on it. Bring that card with you when you shop at Kmart stores.

If you go through those 10 steps, you will have access to coupons from Kmart. You can load coupons onto your card. There are Kmart coupons as well as coupons from manufactures. Let the savings begin!

Image by Nicholas Eckhart on Flickr