How to Keep Your Children Healthy This Winter

children healthySometimes no matter what you do, your kids will get ill, but there are ways to help reduce the chances. Here is what you need to know to help keep your children healthy this winter.

Limit The Outings

The new norovirus that causes a miserable combination of vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps and exhaustion is especially harsh. Doctors tell us that a person can be contagious before they even show symptoms and for two weeks afterward. Furthermore, the virus can live on common surfaces for a long time, and regular cleaning may not even kill it. Yikes.

Because it is so easy to pick up norovirus, flu and other viral and bacterial infections, one way to reduce the risk is to limit the outings where many people gather. This may include the grocery store, indoor play arenas and neighbor’s houses.

While you can’t place a bubble around your children (although many of us wish we could), you can limit the outings for those who are most vulnerable, the very young.

Teach Them Good Habits

Most children (and adults, too) don’t know the right way to wash their hands. Proper hand washing technique includes at least 30 seconds of serious scrubbing, including getting under the nails. Teach your children to wash their hands to the ABC song, or make up another song, to make it more likely that they will wash their hands for the full length of time.

Try to also get your kids out of the habit of putting their hands or other objects in their mouths or near their faces where germs can enter the body. I know it is an uphill battle, just keep reinforcing the message, and practice it yourself.

Keep Your Home Smoke Free

Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke are more likely to get sick. They get more respiratory infections, ear infections and sinus infections.

Load Them up with Nutrients

Limit the sugar which can affect the immune system, and load your kids up with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Good food will strengthen their bodies and ramp up the defenses.

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