How to Let Go of the Unwanted

file000607984963There are many reasons for letting go of the unwanted in your life. When you let go of extra baggage, whether it is emotional, mental or physical, you are freed up to live a healthier and happier life. Think about how life might be if you could let go of everything from extra pounds to extra stuff?

There are special challenges for those of us who practice frugal living in regards to letting go of the unwanted. Because we want to make sure that we are good stewards of our money, make wise buying decisions and reuse whatever we have to avoid buying unnecessarily, and make things last, we can sometimes trip ourselves up when it comes to letting go.

For example, we may not want the extra pounds, but I bet we have trouble not finishing leftover food that might otherwise go to waste. If possible, we might store in the fridge or freeze it, but when the occasion arises when we can’t save it, do we make sure to eat it instead even if it is unwanted (or the extra weight that might appear, should we always indulge in the leftovers)? Chalk things up to lesson learned (order differently next time) and move on. You aren’t really saving money by overeating.

Here is another example. Does the purchase price of an item make it harder for you to let it go? I personally had a hard time letting go of something that was an expensive purchase, even though I no longer needed or wanted it. It wouldn’t save me money by keeping it, it would just cause clutter. I found a great way to overcome that reluctance to let go is to either sell the item so you get something back, even if it isn’t nearly what you paid for it, or to donate it to someone who really has a need for it.

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