How to Make a Garden Tool Holder

tools With the fall comes a lot of yard cleanup, fall planting, and in some parts of the world, even some snow shoveling. Keeping all of those tools organized and in good shape can be difficult when the tools are just thrown in a garage or shed, or even worse, left outside. Brooms especially should be stored with the bristles facing up and off of the ground. Brooms, rakes, hoes, shovels, axes and anything on a post will be wonderfully organized with this idea for a garden tool holder.

For organization, forget buying a fancy system. It can get expensive. And forget drilling holes in the handles of your tools so you can nail each tool to the wall or hang them on awkward hooks. Here is a great idea that is inexpensive, easy to make in less than an hour, flexible and won’t permanently alter your tools.


Two furring strips. These are thin and narrow pieces of wood that should span the length of the wall space that you will be dedicating to your tool organization.

PVC pipe in 12-inch lengths. Get at least one length per tool, although you may want a few extra in order to expand your tool storage. A home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowes can cut the lengths for you.




Nail furring strips to your garage or shed wall, parallel to each other, approximately 8-10 inches apart. Screw the PVC pipes horizontally to the furring strips in a row. Simply place each tool in one PVC pipe with the handle going in first. Voila! You have a simple and organized system for less than $5.

Now here is a bonus tip for those gardening hand tools. Place them face down in a bucket of sand to which you have added a little motor oil. It will keep your hand tools handy and rust free.

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