How to Make Jeans Last Longer

file0001105804094You finally found that perfect pair of jeans, the ones that flatter you in all of the right places, the ones that you just love to wear. Maybe the jeans that are loved are not yours, but belong to one of your children who would probably wear them for two weeks straight if you let her.

Either way, great jeans can be an investment, and keeping them in great condition can not only keep you happy but also save you money. Here are some strategies to use.

In the Wash

To keep those blues really blue and prevent fading that makes jeans look old and tired, simply turn them inside out when you wash them. Use cold or cool water with a detergent that is formulated to prevent fading. There are many such detergents out there that are priced reasonably, and can be made more so with coupons.

Make sure to go through the pockets before the jeans hit the wash. All it takes is one tiny piece of broken crayon to ruin your jeans. Other culprits include rocks and pebbles and small toys, which may scrape or tear at the fabric.

Rotate in Cheaper Pairs

I know you would like to wear your favorite pair every day, but be sure to rotate in some cheaper pairs, especially if you will be at home for the day or if the kids will be running around in the backyard. The less wash and wear the jeans get, obviously, the longer they will last. Good quality jeans can usually be passed down to several children, or sold in a consignment or a yard sale.

Special Note on Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans are great because they feel comfortable as soon as you put them on. One thing you want to note with stretch jeans is that over time, they can stretch out a bit, so they will fit better and look better over a longer period of time if you choose a size that is just a little but snug.


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