How to Put Christ back into Christmas

‘Christmas would be great if they didn’t try and bring religion in it,’ I heard someone say.

Well I’m sorry, but you can’t have Christmas without Christ. That’s what Christmas is all about. Santa and presents, the tree and decorations, food and family and all those other things are peripheral. They are not what make Christmas. You can have all those things and it may be a celebration of some sort but it is not Christmas. Christmas is about Jesus. Too often though, He is pushed aside.

So here are some ways to put Christ back into Christmas.

Send out cards that wish people a Happy Christmas rather than season’s greetings. Use cards that have a bible verse or depict some aspect of the Christmas story.

Write a Christmas letter to friends to include with your card. Tell them of significant happenings in your life and what God has been doing. Make sure they hear the good news about Jesus and what He means to you. Recently a child Mick was teaching him asked him what he came to school to teach them about the Bible. What a great opportunity it was for him to tell them how important it was to believe it Jesus and what a difference He can make in a person’s life. You can be sure Mick took that opportunity.

Go to church and invite friends and family along to special church services where they will hear the good news about Jesus. At our church last Sunday we had a lot of visitors who had been invited along to the special carols service by friends and family members. It was a joy to stand up the front and lead the congregation in singing those carols and see the church filled and people singing praise to God for sending Jesus.

Sing carols and have Christmas carols playing in the background when you invite friends over at Christmas. The other night I was given a lovely CD that has a number of my favorite carols on it like, O Holy Night, and O Come All Ye Faithful.
Give thanks before your Christmas meal.

Read the Christmas story together as a family, from Luke’s or Matthew’s gospel.

I’d love to hear any other ideas.

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