How to Raise an Optimistic Child

Would you like your child to have the ability to see the bright side of things? Do you want your child to have a happier attitude – and life? It is possible! There are things parents can do if they want to raise an optimistic child.

Be a Good Example

Children tend to imitate their parents. If you want to raise an optimistic child, you need to teach them how to be optimistic. Pay attention to how often you complain about things. The more a parent does that, the more their kids learn that they should look at life in a pessimistic way. Make an effort to share joy.

Instead of complaining about being stuck in traffic, tell your kids how nice it is that you get to all spend some time together. Ask your kids about the best thing that happened to them at school that day. Find the ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy set of circumstances.

Embrace Anticipation

We all need something to look forward to! Parents should encourage their kids to embrace their anticipation of the wonderful thing that they get to experience in the future.

Your child can anticipate something big, like a family summer vacation or an upcoming holiday. Or, they can anticipate something smaller like the opportunity to watch videos after they come home from school. Being excited about something can make a dull or stressful day easier to cope with.

Let Your Child Dream Big

Your child tells you that she wants to grow up and become President of the United States. Don’t be the parent that squashes that dream by pointing out how few people actually get to do that.

Let your kid imagine themselves in that role. Dreaming about what kind of life they want to live when they become an adult allows your child to practice optimism.

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