How To Remove Fake Blood

My daughter went to the 4th annual Salt Lake City Zombie Walk. If you don’t know what that is I’m here to enlighten you. A bunch of people dress like zombies, complete with fake wounds, douse themselves in fake blood and stumble around downtown pretending they are looking for brains to eat.

Sounds like good clean family fun doesn’t it? Hailey looks forward to it every year, she and her friends go all out, their makeup is great, the bullet wounds and cut throats, very realistic. Every year they have so much fun. This year I got to join in the fun, sort of. The kids all got ready here so that meant lots and lots of fake blood everywhere!

Before the neighbors started looking for dead bodies I had to figure out how to get fake blood out of just about everything.

Carpet- blot as much as possible then pour club soda over it and blot again, repeat. If this doesn’t work and the carpet is light colored try hydrogen peroxide.

Clothing- put everything in a washer filled with cold water, baking soda and vinegar, agitate for a few minutes, turn the washer off, let sit overnight then finish the wash cycle. Make sure all stains are gone before throwing in the dryer.

Walls- depending on the paint, tread lightly, I was able to use plain water for most of it, just don’t let it run or you make a bigger mess. The tough spots I mixed baking soda with the water and scrubbed, again, watch your paint.

Car interior- this was the worst. The kids sat in the car covered with fake blood, it was a mess. I used baby wipes to scrub most of it out and then scrubbed with baking soda and followed with vinegar and water.

I’m glad they had fun but next year they are getting ready outside and walking downtown!