How to Score Big Savings on the Road


When you are looking for ways to reduce travel expenses start small.  You may be surprised to see that in no time those minor moves can add up to big savings.

Here are a few simple money-saving tips to get you started:

Stay at a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast, and then take an extra apple, banana, yogurt or granola bar to eat as a mid-afternoon or late-night snack.  It beats spending additional money feeding the vending machine or calling room service when you get hungry later in the day.

Bypass big city restaurants and dine at a cheaper eatery in a nearby suburb.  For example, you can stretch your dollar when visiting New York City by grabbing more affordable grub in Brooklyn or Queens than in downtown Manhattan.

If you are traveling with a large family, you can conserve cash by staying at a vacation rental rather than paying for multiple hotel rooms.  In addition, most rental properties come equipped with kitchens which you can use to make your own meals.  Also, look for extended stay accommodations with on-site laundry facilities.  You can save money on airline baggage fees if you pack fewer clothing items and simply wash them when you get to your rental property.

Score a discount on hotel rooms and rental cars by inquiring about corporate rates.  In addition to discounts offered exclusively to specific companies, many businesses in the North America provide a generic corporate rate which is applicable to anyone traveling on company business, including those with home-based jobs.  If you don’t qualify for a corporate rate, ask about AAA and AARP discounts which can help you save roughly 15 to 20 percent off rack rates.

Finally, spare yourself the pain of having to pay medical bills upon returning from a trip.  Prevention is much cheaper than a cure, so arm yourself with anti-bacterial wipes and disinfecting spray.  Use them in rental cars and hotel rooms.  In addition, avoiding touching the rails of moving sidewalks at the airport and use your sleeve to open the door of public restrooms rather than wrapping your fingers around the handle.

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