How to Use Freebies for Family Fun

free family funIt is possible to have a year full of family fun for free or nearly free. It is all in what you know and how you do your research. Take advantage of the following free family fun opportunities.

Free Movies

There are a number of ways that you and your family can enjoy free movies. The first is through free movie screenings. Movie studios like to test out an audience’s reaction before a film is released to the general public. To do this, they offer free movie screenings. Sometimes you will be asked for your opinion, usually by filling out a card in the theater after the movie. Sometimes even this isn’t necessary. Either way, you get to see soon-to-be popular movies before everyone else does, and you get to see them for free! A family of four could save at least $40 per movie this way!

To learn more, you can visit some of the more popular screening websites, such as and

Another way to see free movies is through free summer movie programs. Movie theater chains will offer family friendly movies during the weekdays to children and their parents. The movies won’t be the current block buster, more like second runs of previously popular movies, but for a frugal family, a free movie is a free movie! The kids will love it.

Free Meals

To enjoy a number of free eat out meals with your family, make a list of your favorite places to eat and then visit their websites. Sign up for all of their email newsletters and clubs. You will get plenty of printable coupons, rewards and notice of promotions. Most of the time you will get at least one free product a month, sometimes even a week. Depending on the establishment, you may be able to save the coupons and use them in combination to get a free meal for everyone in your family.

Another way to get free meals is to take advantage of all of the “kids eat free” opportunities. Many family friendly restaurants offer free kids meals with the purchase of adult meals.

Free Concerts

Whether you live in an urban, suburban or even a rural area, free concerts in the park are usually available in the summertime and during the holiday season. Enjoy everything from jazz festivals to children’s music.

You can usually find these events through local websites and Facebook page, regional newspapers and magazines, and through word of mouth.

Free Bowling

Kids can bowl free all summer. Through a program called Kids Bowl Free, they can get up to two games per day of bowling at no charge. There are many different bowling centers and schools that are set up through this program, so it should be easy to find a place near your home.

All you need to do is to register each child, print out the coupons and take them to your bowling alley or center. To learn more, visit

Free Children’s Building Activities

What if your children could build a firetruck, craft a mini doll house or build a lego olympian all for free? What if they could also keep the creations they made and take them home? Kids love the activities and parents love that they are all free. At least three companies provide free children’s building activities: Lowe’s, through there Build and Grow program, The Home Depot, through their free kids workshops, and the Lego Store through their mini build program.