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Cheerios Racing – Pay Me! Get $10 Gas Card with Purchase of 10 General Mills

You could do this deal straight up and it would be a bargain. But I know that some of these items will be on sale in the next month or so. I didn’t want to wait, plus I already had some of the coupons. If you don’t have the coupons, you might think about purchasing them from a clipping service. Fees vary, but most charge a nickel or a dime apiece to find and clip them for you. If you don’t yet have your coupons organized, it can be worth it. If I had bought a clipping of ten coupons that save me $7.50 for this deal, and they cost me $1 (including postage), I’m still ahead.

You’ll have to buy ten different products to qualify. There are some inexpensive things on there that you can get for less than a dollar using a coupon. Some are less than a dollar at normal price in our area.

Here’s the deal I did:

  • Pillsbury Grands Rolls $1.29 less .35 coupon = .94
  • Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour Pancake Mix = .99
  • Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn $.99 less .25 coupon = .74
  • Hamburger Helper $1.47 less .25 = $1.22
  • Progresso Soup $1 less .35 coupon = .65
  • Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake Mix = .69
  • Betty Crocker Frosting = .89
  • GoGurt Yogurt = $1.89
  • Nouriche = $1.19

Total cost = $9.20 + .35 stamp = $9.55

They’re paying me to take their groceries again! Some companies are so nice! Seriously, I could probably have made them pay me more, but I went ahead and bought products the kids wanted instead of the cheapest stuff. There is a list of about fifty different items that qualify.Dynamite

This rebate is only available one per household, family, or name. Please respect that limit. The offer expires 3/11/07. I wish I could say that I’m organized enough to keep all my receipts at the ready. Instead, it was easier for me just to make all the purchases in the same trip and therefore have only one receipt.

Eat your Cheerios with a smile, knowing that they’re putting gas in your tank!

Link to Cheerios Racing offer