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I-Animals from Sharper Image

I was visiting a popular shopping area in Missouri where I live called Zona Rosa. With streets lined with shops, restaurants, theaters, cookie shops, and more, this area is quaint and wonderful for walking around. Around Christmas, I entered the Sharper Image store and within minutes, spotted something adults, and children alike would love – I-Animals.

For starters, there was the I-Cat, which can be placed on a child’s nightstand or an adult’s desk at work. White with multi-colored buttons, this cat is not ordinary by any means. Measuring 4.75 x 4.25 x 5 inches, this I-cat is small but very talented. This cat actually responds to songs being played on a CD player, television, or radio. With built-in speakers that connect to an MP3 player or iPod along with standard audio, the cat’s face lights up to show different moods based on the type of music being listed to. In addition, if the cat’s nose is rubbed, you would hear the sound of hip-hip DJ scratching.

In addition to the I-cat, Sharper Image also had other options to include the I-dog, the I-bear, and the miFlower. For the I-dog, you get much the same response as you would with the cat. However, with this, seconds after the music starts not only does the dog’s face light up but also his ears wag and his head tilts while keeping up with the beat of the music. This dog has four distinct expressions created by the lights, which include pleased for country and classical music, delighted for pop and R&B, excited for dance music, and finally, agitated for rock and roll and rap.

For the I-bear, the design is for playing iPod tunes, as well as audio books, a perfect choice for children of all ages. The bear also comes with a pouch on his belly, perfect for holding the music player. When the paw is squeeze, the bear comes to life. As your iPod plays, the music is heard through the bear’s built-in speakers. In addition, the LED lights keep rhythm to the music, and even his eyes light up.

Finally, the miFlower is an animated MP3 speaker and clock combination. The iPod connects to the miFlower, which begins animation with the music. In addition, the flower also shows expressions on the “face” using LCD lights. The leaves of the flower wave and six petals also light up. In addition, the miFlower is motion sensitive, meaning if you move in front of it or wave your hand, it will respond with other animations.

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