I don’t care that Miss Thing creates her own curriculum.

It doesn’t make me feel inspired to hear about some woman who homeschools several children and manages to run a small business while writing all her own curriculum.  It doesn’t make me strive to achieve when I hear about the homeschool mom who found an innovative way to organize ten children’s education while I can hardly handle my four.  It doesn’t cheer me up to hear about a homeschool mom who manages to clear the books off the dining room table for a perfect family meal every night.  And please no more stories about the homeschool mom with five kids who has scrubbed her floors and has her laundry up to date.

When I am standing in the middle of crumbs and Legos, with my hair loosely tied on my head, ears ringing from children’s screams, a planner filled in vain, and laundry up to the ceiling, I am in no mood to hear of the wondrous homeschool mom who does it all with a bow on top.  It tears me down.  It makes me think I am not cut out for homeschooling.  During times like this, I just need a cup of coffee, a listening ear, a Ryan Gosling movie, a hug, a Ryan Gosling movie…I said that already, didn’t I?  What was I talking about?

It is okay to just not want to hear about Supermom.  There are many times I am inspired by homeschool moms.  I am grateful for the wonderful examples and their willingness to share.  I am a better homeschool mom today because of all the support, ideas, and advice, from homeschool moms.  But you know what?  When times are hard…I  need support not to feel like I have to measure up.  Illogical or not, inspiring stories quickly turn from encouraging to discouraging.  Sometimes we are not in the mood to be fired up but need to be lifted up.

So, give a homeschool mom a hug…and a Ryan Gosling movie.