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I Hate Play-Doh, but I Love Model Magic

There. I said it. I really don’t like play-doh. I dread when a friend gives that as a gift to my child. The mess it makes gives me headaches. While my pre-schooler can definitely play with it and not make as big of a mess, my 2 year old can’t. And, of course he has to do everything big sister does right?

But, every child LOVES play-doh. I admit, it is fun to play with. And this idea of making play-doh out of peanut butter sounds like my kind of play! Recently, my daughter secretly found a little can of it in her craft box. Without my knowledge she had crumbled it up all over her room. She came out, and we were busy for a couple of hours doing other things. When I went into her room for something, I discovered the mess. Red. Crumbled. Dried. Play-doh. Yuck!

So, I may be a bad mom, but I used to keep it in a cabinet out of reach, so I could decide when they played with it. Out of sight, out of mind right? But, I do want my child to have a fun, creative activity like that. So, what’s a Mom to do? I recently discovered a product that I like so much better. It is by Crayola and it is called Model Magic.

Of course, I can’t take the credit for this one, because when my parents were here for Christmas they gave it to all the grandkids. My first reaction (in my head, of course) was ugh. Not that stuff!! But, the kids were excited. We had plenty of other toys to play with and keep them busy for a while, but after Christmas was over, I reluctantly pulled it out. I decided to sit down with the kids and play with our new Presto Dots. I was impressed.

The stuff was still squishy and fun, yet, not nearly as messy. Clean up was a breeze. My kids loved it, and even my 2 year old sat at the table for about an hour playing with it. The only drawback for me was that once the colors mixed, that was it. There was no taking apart the different colors. But, the kids don’t care about that. They just want to create, have fun, and squish it between their fingers. This product is perfect for that.

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